Air Canada Jazz Cheap Flights

Air Canada Jazz Today
Air Canada Jazz, which is also known as Jazz Air, is based at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Enfield, Nova Scotia. Air Canada Jazz is run by Chorus Aviation. Air Canada Jazz is the largest regional airline in Canada and is operating under Air Canada. It Services 84 destinations in Canada and the United States. Its major base is at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, with hubs at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Calgary International Airport.

Air Canada Jazz Destination
Air Canada Jazz has an agreement with Air Canada to link the smaller communities and destinations around Canada and the US (84 destinations in total) operating with the Air Canada name. Cheap flights on Air Canada Jazz are processed through Air Canada. Air Canada Jazz offers private charter flights to destinations throughout North America. The Air Canada Jazz fleet is made up of of 137 Bombardier Dash 8 and CRJ aircraft’s. 

Air Canada Jazz Pets
Small dogs and cats are the only pets permitted in the cabin on flights with Air Canada Jazz. All other pet go as cargo. To bring your pet along with you on a Air Canada Jazz flight pre-register your pet by calling us or reservations within the first 24 hours after booking your flight. To bring a pet along it costs $50 each way on your flights within Canada and if your flying from Canada to the US. It Costs $100 per flight each way on flights to international destinations.