Cheap Flights To Ontario

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Cheap Flights To Ontario

cheap flights to Ontario are never hard to find but then again cheap flights to all major destinations are always easy to find! Ontario is located in the east-central section of Canada. It is the most populated province and second largest in size. It is home to Ottawa, the capital of Canada and 250,000 lakes. Because Ontario Is such a popular destination travelers looking to book cheap flights to Ontario never have a problem.

Ontario Regions

Ontario is often broken into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Most the people living in the province are located in the southern section close to the lake-shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Ontario Climate

Ontario’s climate has three main seasons. Some parts of Ontario particularly in the Southwestern have a humid moderate climate which is similar to the climate of the inland Midwestern United States. Ontario has warm dry summers and cold winters. The usual precipitation ranges from around 75–100 cm or 30–39 in and is well spread out all over the year with the usual summer peaks.