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Cheap Flights To Vancouver
Cheap Flights to Vancouver are always easy to find because it is such a major city. Vancouver is a coastal city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is named after the British captain George Vancouver, who explored and mapped the area for the first time in the 1790’s.

Vancouver Population
The city has the highest population in Western Canada and third in the country, with the city proper was ranked eighth among Canadian cities. According to a Census in 2006 Vancouver has a population of 578,041, and slightly more than 2.1 million people lies in its city. Over the past 30 years, immigration has increased dramatically, making the city more ethnically and linguistically diverse, 52% do not speak English as their first language Almost 30% of residents in the city have Chinese heritage.

The City Of Vancouver
Port Metro Vancouver is a new name for the port of Vancouver, who is now the busiest and largest in Canada, as well as the fourth largest port (by tonnage) in North America. Although lumber is the largest industry in Vancouver it is well known that the city center is surrounded by nature, making tourism the second largest industry. It ‘s also the third largest film production center in North America nicknamed Hollywood cinema in the North.