Cheap Flights To British Columbia

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Cheap Flights To British Columbia
Cheap flights to British Columbia or B.C. as the locals call it are always available because it it such a popular Canadian destination. British Columbia is in the most western part of Canada and many known it for its natural beauty. When British Columbia joined the Canadian confederation it became the sixth province of Canada. British Columbia is hot in the summers and cool in the winters it have a mild climate compared to other parts of Canada.

Popular Cities In British Columbia
the capital city of British Columbia is famous for it’s many gardens that line the streets, side walks and even the downtown area. In the summer months thousands of traveler book cheap flights to British Columbia and Victoria to see the natural beauty and rich culture it has to offer. The largest city in the province of British Columbia is Vancouver. Vancouver is also the third-largest city in Canada and is home to almost half the population on B.C. In 2009 it was estimated that the population of British Columbia reached 4,419,974 (almost two million of them live in the Greater Vancouver area). Because Vancouver is such a popular destination you can find cheap flights to British Columbia’s biggest city from almost every destination.

British Columbia’s Economy
British Columbia’s economy is mostly resource based principally logging and mining. The province is agriculturally rich mostly because of its mild weather. British Columbia if also famous for the Fraser and Okanagan Valleys where thousands of pounds of fruit are grow and exported to destinations all around the world.