CanJet Airlines Flights

CanJet Airlines
CanJet Airlines is a low cost charter airline based out of Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada in the Halifax International Airport. It operates contract charters in Canada and the USA. CanJet Airlines is owned by IMP Group International and has over 575 employees.
CanJet Airlines services 50 destinations in over 13 countries, including Colombia, Cuba and Panama. CanJet Airlines is not included in the world renowned Skytrax rating system for all airlines.

CanJet Airlines History
CanJet Airlines was founded in 2002 and by September in 2006, CanJet Airlines served 15 cities in Canada and the U.S. offering discount airline seats. In September 2006, CanJet Airlines announced it would stop operating it’s scheduled flights, but would continue to operate as a charter airline.

CanJet Airlines Fleet
CanJet airlines fleet is made up entirely of Boeing 737 aircraft’s. All the CanJet Airlines aircraft’s have a white body and a blue tail. The CanJet Airlines logo is on the side of the aircraft as well as on the tail of the plane.

CanJet Airlines In-Flight Meals
Dependant on the flight, and type of aircraft, Canjet offers a variety of food, beverage and entertainment options.
Entertainment is offered on most of the Canjet flights and headphones are available for you to purchase. Free coffee and tea are offered and on most flights meals are also included. Drinks and snacks are available to buy.