Air North Cheap Flights

Air North Today
Air North Charter and Training Ltd., Known as Air North is an airline based in Whitehorse, Yukon out of the Whitehorse International Airport. It offers charter passenger flights but also cargo and ground handling services throughout the Yukon. It will fly to the Northwest Territories, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta.

Air North History
The company was started there operations in 1977 with just one Cessna 206 craft. In 1996 the older fleet of aircraft that still where piston-powered were replaced with the much more modern (at the time) turboprop aircraft. The airline has grown a great deal and now has well over 200 employees.

Air North Fleet
Since the the Boeing 737s arrived, Air North has expanded there property to include the original cargo area and Hawker Hangar, a new reservations/administration building, an all new 737 tent-hangar, a small ground equipment hangar and an in-house catering and cabin services department. Currently Air North is considering plans to exchange the 737 tent and the old Hawker Hangar for a new and larger hangar large enough to shelter both a 737 and an HS-748 at the same time, or just a single Boeing 767 or an aircraft sized like a Airbus A310.

Aircrafts Number of Aircraft Variants Information
Boeing 737 3 Boeing 737-200 FLJB, GANV, GNAU, one combi, two passenger only, up to 120 passengers
Boeing 737 Classic 2 737-400, 737-500 FANB 400 series up to 153 passengers, GANH 500 series up to 122 passengers
Hawker Siddeley HS 748 4 Series 2A FAGI, FCSE, FYDU, FYDY, up to 40 passengers or 10,000 lb (4,500 kg)