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Air Canada Airline History
Air Canada is the National Airline of Canada and is the 9th largest Airline in the world by fleet size. Air Canada formerly known as Trans-Canada Airlines or TCA was started by the Government of Canada in 1936, but was renamed Air Canada in 1965. Air Canada, as of 2008, has had almost $10 billion in passenger revenues.

Air Canada Awards
Air Canada was ranked ‘Best Airline in North America’ in a global survey of more than 17 million airline travelers as was announced in Hamburg, Germany at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. Skytrax survey was conducted between the months of July 2009 and April 2010, using over 38 different aspects of the product of airline passenger satisfaction level and service standards. This annual survey is considered a benchmarking tool for passenger satisfaction in terms of airlines around the world. Air Canada flies to 178 destinations worldwide. It is the world’s eighth largest passenger airline by number of destinations.

Air Canada Flights Information And Ticket Sales
Air Canada offers four highly regarded options for its travelers to register for flights:

Air Canada airport counter: You can register with Air Canada, quick and easy, over the counter at any airport.

Early check-in with Air Canada: You can save time at the airport and with Air Canada is, checking in (online) up to 24 hours prior to your departure. To start this process visit our check-in link on the Air Canada home page, and they will walk you through step by step. When you are done you have the option to print your Air Canada boarding pass and go directly to the security barrier (if you do not check luggage). If you must check luggage, do not forget to fall from the Air Canada counter. If you do not have a printer Do not worry. When you arrive at the airport, you may use a Kiosk’s to print your boarding pass.

Electronic Kiosk Check-in: If you want to bypass the airport counter lines during busy  travel days, Air Canada offers electric kiosk for quick entry for passengers. With Air Canada we allow you to use our kiosk 12 hours prior to departure.

Mobile Check-in: Air Canada now offers a new, fast and easy mobile check-in solution. You are able to verify all your flights where ever you are. To check Visit, and select “Check In” option. Mobile check-ins are available only for bookings up to 4 passengers who are flying and have reservations with Air Canada or Air Canada Jazz. Your mobile tools must be able to receive e-mails and text messages so you are able to verify with Air Canada as early as 24 hours before your departure.

Air Canada Seating Options
Air Canada offers three seating options for its travelers:

Air Canada (international destinations) Economy Class
Economy Class seats on Air Canada are about 35 inches between seats. Depending on your destination, the economy class includes individual 9-inch touch screens. There are also plugs in the seat for your laptop, as well as, adjustable headrests, blankets and pillows, and more.

Air Canada Executive Class Business
Business Class seats on Air Canada is about 60 inches between seats. With Air Canada  business class you are guaranteed a 9-inch TV touchscreen, guaranteed window or aisle access, and adjustable headrests and footrests.

Air Canada First Class
Air Canada offers first class seats which include: reclining comfortable beds, a pillow and a duvet cover. You also have full access to a personal touch screen with video access  as well as many other interesting features.

Air Canada Flights With Pets

(Don’t Leave Marly Home)
During travel with Air Canada your pet can have a fun and be safe if you follow the rules of the airlines and regulations. Pets may be brought to your destination as long as rules permit, and upon such terms and conditions established by that country. Often, your pet can travel with you in the cabin or with the cargo and crew in checked baggage. Always ask when you book a flight for you and your pet.

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